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151 Regiment RLC is a regiment of the British Army's Royal Logistic Corps. It is currently under Army Reserve control.

It was previously called 151 (London) Transport Regiment.

The regiment was formed in the Royal Corps of Transport in 1967 as 151 (Greater London) Transport Regiment, from three territorial transport regiments and two independent squadrons, with one ambulance squadron, one tank-transporter squadron, one parachute squadron and one transport squadron. The parachute squadron was redesignated as a brigade support squadron in 1978. The regiment was transferred into the Royal Logistic Corps in 1993, and 215 Squadron was disbanded. In 1999, the independent 124 Petroleum Squadron was regimented and all squadrons were redesignated as transport squadrons except 124 which kept its specialist role. Since November 2013, 124 Squadron is re-roling into another Transport unit. The regiment was later redesignated as 151(London) Transport Regiment. Operational command of 151 (London) Transport Regiment RLC (V) changed from HQ London District to HQ 101 Logistic Brigade in 2012.

Former squadrons[edit]

  • 508 (HQ) Squadron (1967 to date)
  • 124 (Essex) Transport Squadron (11/2013 to date)
  • 210 (Transport) Squadron (1967 to date)
  • 240 (Transport) Squadron (1967 to date)
  • 562 (Transport) Squadron (1967 to date)

Current squadrons[edit]

  • 508 (Croydon) Headquarters Squadron[1]
  • 124 (Essex) Transport Squadron[1]
  • 210 (Sutton) Transport Squadron[1]
  • 240 (Barnet) Transport Squadron[1]
  • 562 (Southall) Transport Squadron[1]


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