153hp Walker railmotor

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153hp Walker Railmotor
Type and origin
Power type Diesel
Designer Walker Bros.
Builder Walker Bros. (Power Unit),
Martin & King (Body),
Victorian Railways (Assemble).
Build date 1948-54
Total produced 15 + spare power unit
Gauge 5 ft 3 in (1,600 mm)
Length 17.18 m (56 ft 4 in)
Loco weight 20.00t
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel capacity 182 l
Performance figures
Maximum speed 80 km/h
Power output 153 horsepower (114 kW)
Operators Victorian Railways
Number in class 15
Numbers RM 20 - RM 34, RM 35 (Power unit)
First run 16 July 1948

The 153hp Walker railmotor were a diesel railcar operated by the Victorian Railways in Australia.

After the Second World War, the Victorian Railways undertook a major rebuilding program known as "Operation Phoenix". One of the first tasks was the upgrading of passenger services on country branch lines, through the replacement of 23 wooden bodied railmotors built in the 1920s, and the withdrawal of steam locomotive hauled mixed trains.

An initial order of six 153hp railcars, twelve 102hp railcars and twelve 280hp railcars from Walker Brothers in Wigan, England was placed. This was extended to include a further nine 153hp railmotors which were delivered into revenue service by 1953. Sixteen 153hp units were built in total.[1]

The power units and controls were shipped out from England and the car bodies built locally by Martin & King in Malvern, with the finished units assembled at Newport Workshops. Each railmotor had a total seating capacity of 58. The last 153hp Walker railmotor ran until 1981. The intended life of the Walker railmotors was only 10 years. However, most remained in service for up to 30 years.


Railmotor Entered service Withdrawn Scrapped Current Status Notes
20RM Friday, 16 July 1948 Monday, 20 February 1978 Wednesday, 30 April 1980 Scrapped Damaged in a derailment after hitting sheep. Accident occurred between Traralgon and Maffra.
21RM Thursday, 16 September 1948 Monday, 3 April 1978 N/A Offered for sale on 21 June 1978.
22RM Monday, 15 November 1948 Tuesday, 1 April 1980 N/A Now at Yarra Valley Tourist Railway. Operational - Restored
23RM Friday, 5 November 1948 Friday, 8 April 1977 Thursday, 5 May 1977 Scrapped
24RM Wednesday, 23 March 1949 Stored at Huon on the former Cudgewa line. Owned by former Tallangatta Valley Steam Preservation Society.
25RM Thursday, 19 May 1949 Friday, 26 November 1971 Friday, 16 June 1972 Scrapped
26RM Wednesday, 2 July 1952 Friday, 8 April 1977 Thursday, 5 May 1977 Scrapped
27RM Thursday, 31 July 1952 Monday, 1 May 1978 N/A Offered for sale on 21 June 1978.
28RM Wednesday, 10 September 1952 Monday, 1 May 1978 Friday, 25 July 1980 Scrapped
29RM Monday, 6 October 1952 Tuesday, 4 September 1979 Tuesday, 1 July 1980 Scrapped
30RM Thursday, 20 November 1952 Wednesday, 3 October 1973 Thursday, 22 June 1978 Scrapped
31RM Monday, 9 February 1953 Wednesday, 21 December 1977 Tuesday, 1 July 1980 Scrapped Derailed between Lilydale and Coldstream
on 19 February 1962.
32RM Tuesday, 24 March 1953 Tuesday, 13 January 1981 N/A Now at Daylesford Spa Country Railway Being fully restored to running order. Will appear in mid 1950's blue and gold livery.
33RM Friday, 7 August 1953 Tuesday, 4 September 1979
34RM Wednesday, 23 September 1953 Monday, 1 May 1978
35RM Friday, 3 September 1954 Thursday, 15 October 1970 Scrapped Spare power unit.

Model railways[edit]

HO scale[edit]

Weico has produced whitemetal kits for the 102hp and 153hp Walker Railmotors and trailers.

Trainbuilder announced a series of brass 153hp Walker railmotors, to retail at $1175 per Railmotor, or $1695 each for Railmotor plus trailer. Numbers include 21RM+50MT with silver roof; 22RM+52MT, 25RM, 29RM, 31RM, 32RM+56MT with yellow roof, and 23RM+61MT, 27RM, 30RM, 30RM+62MT, 32RM, 33RM, 34RM with blue roof. The range does not include motors 20, 24, 26, 28, 35RM or trailers 51, 53-55, 57-60, 63 or 64MT.[2]


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