155th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)

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155th Infantry Division
155th Infanterie Division Logo.svg
Active February – May 1945
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Branch Heer
Type Infantry
Size Division

The 155th Infantry Division (German: 155. Infanteriedivision) was a German Army infantry division in World War II.


The 155th Infantry Division was raised some time before February 1945, when it was known to have been sent into Italy to reinforce the German and Italian armies, who were resisting the Allied advance during the Italian campaign.


  • Generalmajor Georg Zwade (Feb 1945 - 8 May 1945)

Operations Officers[edit]

  • Major Quellhorst (11 Feb 1945-1945)
  • Major Bernhard Diederichsen (20 Mar 1945-1 Apr 1945)
  • Major Eberhard Völkel (1 Apr 1945-1945)

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