15 Years After

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15 Years After
Enigma - 15 Years After.jpg
Box set by
Released9 December 2005
RecordedA.R.T. Studios, Ibiza,
GenreNew-age, ambient
LabelVirgin Schallplatten GmbH
ProducerMichael Cretu
Enigma chronology
15 Years After
A Posteriori

15 Years After is a box set by the musical project Enigma. It was released by Virgin Germany on 9 December 2005. The box set contains 8 discs, 5 of them original studio albums created from 1990 to 2003, 2 DVDs and a bonus CD of Enigma's songs covered by Rollo Armstrong.

As the title suggests, the box set's release was to celebrate the 15 years since the release of Enigma's first single, "Sadeness (Part I)". The album cover was taken from Lady with an Ermine, a 1490 painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The box set packaging and photography was done by Dirk Rudolph while artwork direction and original designs were created by Johann Zambryski, a long-time designer of Enigma artworks.

Originally the box set was sold at 128 and this raised a stir with fans of the project, since the discs were not remastered unlike the compilation album Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits but were instead fitted with Copy Control. The new single, "Hello and Welcome" (from the unreleased 6th album A Posteriori) and The Dusted Variations disc also received mixed responses from the fans, who questioned the release of the album.

Additionally, the music video for "Out from the Deep" which was dropped from the Remember the Future DVD without an apparent reason, was still absent in this re-release, and despite the box set being 12-inch vinyl-sized, there were little information about the history of the project within the booklet, apart from the credits and a press release inside.

Later on, the price of the box set dropped to €92.99 and on 30 November 2005, the producer and creator of Enigma, Michael Cretu personally visited the EMI factory in Uden, Netherlands to sign a thousand copies of the box set. The thousand signed copies had Cretu's initials ("MC") signed with a silver marker. While signed copies of Enigma's albums are extremely rare, the autographed version of the box set was still available for purchase at Amazon.de half a year after its release. Also within the box set was a code which enabled owners of the box set to download the music videos of "Voyageur" and "Boum-Boum" by typing it in a special section within Enigma's official website, but is no longer available.

Box set contents[edit]


Bonus CD


  • Remember the Future (2001)
  • MCMXC a.D.: The Complete Video Album (2003)


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