15th Genie Awards

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15th Genie Awards
Date 1994
Host Graham Greene

The 15th Genie Awards were held in 1994.

Nominees and winners[edit]

The Genie Award winner in each category is shown in bold text.

Best Motion Picture[edit]

Best Actor[edit]

Best Actress[edit]

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

Best Director[edit]

Art Direction[edit]

Sound Editing[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Cal Shumiatcher, Eric Hill, Marti Richa, Issac Strozberg and Shane Shemko, Whale Music
  • Sue Conley, Andy Malcolm, Paul Shikata, Peter Winninger and Steve Munro, Exotica
  • Michel B. Bordeleau, Diane Boucher, Natalie Fleurant and Jérôme Décarie, Matusalem
  • Jacques Plante, Antoine Morin, Jérôme Décarie and Michel Arcand, Mouvements du désir
  • Marti Richa, Eric Hill, Shane Shemko, Cal Shumiatcher and Jacqueline Cristianini, Road to Saddle River
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