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160 Transport Regiment Royal Logistic Corps, was a regiment of the Territorial Army in the United Kingdom.

It was a National Army Reserve unit, formed in April 1995, which recruited personnel from all over the country and was based at Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham, Lincolnshire.

It provided 3rd line logistic support to the British Army and was twinned with 8 Regiment RLC. 160 used the Phoenix as its motif in reference to the fact that the unit "rose from the ashes" when it was reformed from 160 Transport Regiment RCT. Personnel from 161 Ambulance Regiment RLC and 164 Transport Regiment RLC were absorbed into "The Phoenix" when those units were removed from the order of battle in 2000.

160's Regimental personnel served in Cyprus, Iraq, former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan as well as on exercises in Kenya, Germany and USA.

160 was finally a unit of 102 Logistic Brigade.


  • Regimental Headquarters
  • 260 HQ Squadron RLC
  • 126 Petroleum Squadron RLC
  • 261 Transport Squadron RLC
  • 263 Transport Squadron RLC
  • 270 Transport Squadron RLC (inherited from 164 Transport Regiment, known as the Tina Turner Sqn for being "simply the best" and well known for destroying most of the Army's stock of 8 Tonne Tippers during an over-zealous exercise with a TA RE Plant Troop who misjudged the weight of boulders)
  • 160 Light Aid Detachment REME

160 Transport Regiment disbanded on 31 March 2014 when the composite 160 Transport Squadron RLC became part of 158 Transport Regiment RLC on 1 April 2014; the Squadron will eventually be based in Lincoln.