1610s in Canada

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Events from the 1610s in Canada.


  • 1610-11: The English explorer Henry Hudson, in Dutch service, continues the fruitless search for a passage to Asia.
  • 1613: In response to gunfire aimed at them, the Beothuk of Newfoundland kill 37 French fisherman. The French retaliate by arming the Micmac, traditional enemies of the Beothuk, and offering bounties for scalps. The Beothuk are soon virtually exterminated.
  • 1615: Champlain attacks Onondaga villages with the help of a Huron war party, this turning the Iroquois League against the French.
  • 1617: Louis Hebert, an apothecary who had stayed at Port Royal twice, brings his wife and children to Quebec, thus becoming the first true habitant (permanent settler supporting his family from the soil).

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