1638 in literature

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List of years in literature (table)

The year 1638 in literature involved some significant events.


New books[edit]

New drama[edit]

New poetry[edit]

  • John Barclay - The Mirror of Minds (posthumous)
  • Richard Braithwaite (alias "Corymbaeus") - Barnabee's Journal (In Latin and English versions)
  • Abraham Cowley - Love's Riddle
  • William Davenant - Madagascar, with other Poems
  • Francis Lenton - Great Britain's Beauties; or, The Female Glory Epitomized
  • Shackerley Marmion - A Funeral Sacrifice, to the Sacred Memory of his Thrice-Honored Father, Ben Jonson
  • John Milton - Lycidas
  • Miguel de Silveira - El Macabeo




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