1640s in Canada

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Events from the 1640s in Canada.


  • c. 1640: Beavers and otters nearly exterminated in Iroquois country. To expand territory, Iroquois launch decades-long "Beaver Wars" against Huron, Algonquin and Themselves
  • 1640: Lake Erie discovered.
  • May 17, 1642: The trade settlement at Montreal is founded by the Sieur de Maisonneuve.
  • January 5, 1643: The first Mount Royal Cross erected
  • 1644: Second Powhatan Confederacy uprising against Jamestown, Virginia; its leader, Opechancanough, dies in captivity.
  • 1644 Jeanne Mance (Baptized Langres, France November 12, 1606 Died June 18, 1673) opens Hotel-Dieu, the first hospital in North America.
  • 1645-63: Under the proprietorship of Richelieu's company's colonial agent, the Community of Habitants, the new French colony takes shape along the St. Lawrence.
  • 1648-49: After the Iroquois brutally ravage Huron country and disperse the Huron nation north of the St. Lawrence, they turn against New France itself.
  • 1649-64: the Beaver Wars: Encouraged by the English, and the need for more beaver for trade (their own area being hunted out), Haudenosee (Iroquois) make war on Hurons (1649), Tobaccos (1649), Neutrals (1650–51), Erie (1653–56), Ottawa (1660), Illinois and Miami (1680–84), and members of the Mahican confederation. English, pleased with this, agree to 2-Row Wampum Peace treaty, 1680.
  • 1649: Attacks by the Iroquois disperse the Huron; disrupts fur trade over the next fifteen years.
  • 1649: The Jesuit father Jean de Brébeuf is martyred during Iroquois raids on the Hurons at St-Ignace (March 16).
  • 1649: The Jesuit missionaries at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons abandon the mission, burning it to the ground and taking refuge at Christian Island (June 16)

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