1679 Armenia earthquake

Coordinates: 40°12′N 44°42′E / 40.2°N 44.7°E / 40.2; 44.7
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1679 Armenia earthquake
1679 Armenia earthquake is located in Armenia
1679 Armenia earthquake
Local dateJune 4, 1679 (1679-06-04)[1]
Magnitude6.4 Ms [2]
Epicenter40°12′N 44°42′E / 40.2°N 44.7°E / 40.2; 44.7 [2]
Areas affectedYerevan Province, Safavid Iran
Max. intensityIX (Violent)X (Extreme) [2]
Casualties7,600 dead[2]

The 1679 Armenia earthquake (also called Yerevan earthquake or Garni earthquake) took place on June 4 in the Yerevan region of Armenia, then part of the Safavid Iran.[1]

Numerous buildings were destroyed as a result of the earthquake. In Yerevan most notable structures were damaged. The Yerevan Fortress was destroyed, so were the following churches: Poghos-Petros, Katoghike, Zoravor and the Gethsemane Chapel.[1]

Furthermore, the nearby Kanaker village was destroyed. The classical Hellenistic Temple of Garni also collapsed.[3] Among many churches and monasteries that were reduced to ruins were Havuts Tar, Saint Sargis Monastery of Ushi, Hovhannavank, Geghard, and Khor Virap.[3]

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