1684 in China

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Events from the year 1684 in China.



  • The Kangxi Emperor lifts the haijin prohibition on sea trade, allowing foreigners to enter Chinese ports in 1684[1]
  • The amount of copper in the alloys if cash coins was reduced from 70% to 60% all while the standard weight was lowered to 1 qián again, while the central government's mints in Beijing started producing cash coins with a weight of 0.7 qián.* Hartill, David (2005). Cast Chinese Coins. Trafford, United Kingdom. p. 285. Trafford Publishing. ISBN 978-1412054669.[better source needed]
  • The first mention of chili peppers in local gazettes in Hunan. They would later become a staple of Hunanese cuisine[2]
  • Sino-Russian border conflicts



  • Yinju (胤䄔; 13 September 1683 – 17 July 1684), 19th son of Kangxi, born through an unnamed Noble Lady, of the Gorolo clan (貴人 郭絡羅氏)
  • Mu'an (Chinese: 木庵性瑫; pinyin: Mù'ān Xìngtāo; Japanese Mokuan Shōtō) (1611–1684) a Chinese Chan monk who followed his master Yinyuan Longqi to Japan in 1654