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168 Film Project
Location Burbank, California
Founded 2003
Directed by John David Ware
Website http://www.168film.com/

The 168 Film Project is a Christian film festival.

The contest starts with the random assignment of verses based on a theme from the scriptures. Writing and preproduction is the next phase, followed by exactly one week (168 hours) to shoot and edit a finished film. If the film is on time and at or under the required total run time, then it is eligible for awards. Worldwide, over 750 short films have been produced for the competition from 2003 to 2012.[1]


Founded by John David Ware in 2003, the 168 Film Project started with 13 entries.


The 2013 "Best Film" prize was awarded to ReMoved, a film based on the 2013 festival's assigned theme of "atonement".[2]


In 2012 "Best Film" was given to "Refuge", produced by Paul e Luebbers and Joel VanderSpek. The "Best International Film" award presented to "Ghosts of Europe" produced by Jesse Hutch and Jamie Rauch.


The film "Useless", produced by Dennis & Olivia Bentivengo, was awarded "Best Film". "Best Director" to Owen Kingston, Tom Cooper for "Child’s Play".


"Best Film" award presented to Helen Urriola for her production "The Party".


Repeat winner Wes Llewellyn honored with "Best Film" for "UP IN THE AIR".


The "Best Film" award presented to "Stained", produced by Joshua Weigel, Aaron Moore and Jeff Bartsch. "Best International Film" went to "Coppelius, Matthias Haag and Travis Mendel, Producers.


2007 "Best Film" awarded to "A GOOD DAY" Produced and Directed by Amanda Llewellyn & Wes Llewellyn


The 2006 "Best Film" prize was awarded to "5 Minuti" from Milan Italy. The screenplay was written by co-director Sergio Mascheroni. The film was produced and directed by Deborah E. Brown with CinemaVerita.com of Padova Italy. "5 Minuti" was based on theme "Faith and Fear" from the assigned Bible reference Hebrews 11:6. The film was also awarded as the 2006 "Best Foreign Film", "Best Screenplay" given to Mascheroni, and "Best Scriptural Integration". Italian actress Barbara Sanua was nominated for "Best Actress" and Maurizio Desinan was nominated for "Best Actor". Barbara Sanua participated in four 168 Film Project productions, passing away in Nov. 2013 from Cystic Fibrosis just months after her final 168 Film Project entry. "5 Minuti" has been translated and distributed in 16 languages worldwide, and was heralded as "The New Jesus Film" by 168 Project founder John Ware.[3]

"Best Actress" for 2006 was presented to Marieke Douridas for her portrayal in "Free of Charge"; Douridas died in April 2006.


Best Short Film" awarded to "A Temp for All Seasons" produced by Michael Toay. Josh Greene was awarded "Best Screenplay" for "The Commission".


The 2004 "Best Film" award given to producers Jim O'Keeffe, Dawn O'Keeffe & Talin Parseghian for "Max". Luke Schelhaas was awarded "Best Screenplay" for "Max".


Producers Wes and Amanda Llewllyn's film "Crosswalk" was awarded "Best Short Film", "Best Story", "Best Scriptural Integration", "Best Editor", "Best Cinematographer".


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