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Not to be confused with the similarly named Mamas and Papas compilation, or the country greatest hits series 16 Biggest Hits.
16 Greatest Hits
Greatest hits album by
ReleasedFebruary 1973
ProducerGabriel Mekler,
Richard Podolor
Steppenwolf chronology
For Ladies Only
16 Greatest Hits
Slow Flux
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[1]

16 Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Steppenwolf, released in 1973. It features some of their most famous songs, including "Born to Be Wild", "The Pusher", and "Magic Carpet Ride", and "Hey Lawdy Mama." The album consisted of the 11 tracks from the previous Gold: Their Great Hits album, in the same order as on the two sides of that earlier album, with the addition of the final two tracks on side 1, and the final three tracks on side 2.

This album was originally issued as Dunhill 50135, and later as ABC/Dunhill with the same number, on LP, 8-track cartridge, and cassette. Following MCA's assimilation of the ABC family of labels, the album was reissued as MCA 1599 (some vinyl copies using previously-pressed LPs with an ABC-Dunhill label), then as budget-label MCA 37049. The album was made available in all formats through several U. S. record clubs, each bearing notes as to their club origin. The album was also issued (under various titles) in Canada, England, Germany, Greece, and the Benelux countries, and was issued on CD in 1985.

Track listing[edit]

1."Born to Be Wild" (from Steppenwolf, January 1968)Bonfire3:28
2."It's Never Too Late" (from At Your Birthday Party, March 1969)Kay, St. Nicholas3:00
3."Rock Me" (from At Your Birthday Party, March 1969)Kay3:39
4."Hey Lawdy Mama" (from Steppenwolf Live, April 1970)Kay, Byrom, Edmonton2:54
5."Move Over" (from Monster, November 1969)Kay, Mekler2:52
6."Who Needs Ya" (from Steppenwolf 7, November 1970)Kay, Byrom2:55
7."Snowblind Friend" (from Steppenwolf 7, November 1970)Axton3:52
8."Ride with Me" (from For Ladies Only, November 1971)Bonfire3:21
9."Magic Carpet Ride" (from The Second, October 1968; single edit)Kay, Moreve2:45
10."The Pusher" (from Steppenwolf, January 1968)Axton5:48
11."Sookie Sookie" (from Steppenwolf, January 1968)Covay, Cropper3:13
12."Jupiter's Child" (from At Your Birthday Party, March 1969)Kay, Edmonton, Monarch3:22
13."Screaming Night Hog" (single, 1970)Kay3:14
14."For Ladies Only" (from For Ladies Only, November 1971)Kay, Edmonton, Henry, McJohn3:38
15."Tenderness" (from For Ladies Only, November 1971)Bonfire3:10
16."Monster" (from Monster, November 1969; single edit)Kay, Edmonton3:54



Album – Billboard (United States)

Year Chart Position
1973 Pop Albums 152


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