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1780s BC-related

The 1780s BC was a decade lasting from January 1, 1789 BC to December 31, 1780 BC.

Events and trends[edit]

Significant people[edit]

  • Rim-Sin I, ruler of the Middle Eastern city-state of Larsa since 1822 BC, according to the middle chronology
  • Hammurabi, king of Babylon since 1792 BC, according to the middle chronology
  • Yarim-Lim I, second king of the Amorite kingdom of Yamhad from c. 1780 to 1764 BC
  • Sumu-la-El, king of Babylon from around 1817 to 1781 BC
  • Nur-Adad, king of Larsa from 1801 to 1785 BC