1789 United States House of Representatives elections in Georgia

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Georgia had a mixed at-large/district system for the 1st Congress. Representatives were elected at-large, but for three district-based seats.

District Result Candidates
Georgia 1
"Lower district"
Anti-Administration win James Jackson (Anti-Administration) 50.9%
William Houstoun 33.6%
Henry Osborne 14.5%
James Seagrove 0.6%
Others 0.4%
Georgia 2
"Middle district"
Anti-Administration win Abraham Baldwin (Anti-Administration) 69.0%
Henry Osborne 15.2%
Joseph Sumner 10.4%
Isaac Briggs 2.7%
William Houstoun 1.5%
James Jackson 0.6%
Others 0.5%
Georgia 3
"Upper district"
Anti-Administration win George Mathews (Anti-Administration) 96.5%
Henry Osborne 2.0%
Anthony Wayne 0.7%
Joseph Sumner 0.4%
Others 0.7%

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