1789 United States House of Representatives elections in Maryland

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Maryland had a mixed district/at-large system similar to Georgia's. Under Maryland law, "candidates were elected at-large but had to be residents of a specific district with the statewide vote determining winners from each district."[1]

District Result Candidates
Maryland 1 Anti-Administration win Michael J. Stone (Anti-Administration) 65.4%
George Dent (Pro-Administration) 34.6%
Maryland 2 Anti-Administration win Joshua Seney (Anti-Administration) 100%
Maryland 3 Anti-Administration win Benjamin Contee (Anti-Administration) 70.1%
John F. Mercer (Anti-Administration) 29.9%
Maryland 4 Anti-Administration win William Smith (Anti-Administration) 69.1%
Samuel Sterett (Anti-Administration) 30.9%
Maryland 5 Pro-Administration win George Gale (Pro-Administration) 70.7%
John Done 23.8%
William V. Murray (Pro-Administration) 5.5%
Maryland 6 Pro-Administration win Daniel Carroll (Pro-Administration) 74.8%
Abraham Faw 25.2%

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