1801 New York's 6th congressional district special election

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A special election was held in New York's 6th congressional district October 6–8, 1801[1] to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of John Bird (F) on July 26, 1801,[2] prior to the first meeting of the 7th Congress.

Election results[edit]

Candidate Party Votes[3] Percent
John P. Van Ness Democratic-Republican 1,981 64.1%
Hezekiah L. Hosmer Federalist 1,111 35.9%

John P. Van Ness took his seat December 7, 1801,[2] but did not complete the term, as he was appointed by President Thomas Jefferson as a major in the militia of the District of Columbia and on January 17, 1803, his seat was declared vacant[4] and left vacant until the start of the Eighth Congress.

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