1804 United States House of Representatives election in Georgia

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Initially, Cowles Mead (Democratic-Republican) was declared the winner of the 4th seat. The votes from Camden, Liberty and Tatnal counties were not received in time and were originally not counted. When it was later decided to count them as valid, it resulted in Thomas Spalding (Democratic-Republican) overtaking Cowles Mead for the fourth and final seat by 39 votes. Spalding was then given the seat in place of Mead.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Georgia at-large
4 seats on a general ticket
Peter Early Democratic-Republican 1802 Incumbent re-elected. Peter Early (Democratic-Republican) 24.2%
David Meriwether (Democratic-Republican) 22.9%
Joseph Bryan (Democratic-Republican) 21.3%
Cowles Mead (Democratic-Republican) 10.9%
Thomas Spalding (Democratic-Republican) 10.5%
Thomas Carr 6.7%
Obadiah Jones 2.4%
Thomas U.P. Charlton 1.2%
David Meriwether Democratic-Republican 1802 Incumbent re-elected.
Joseph Bryan Democratic-Republican 1802 Incumbent re-elected.
Samuel Hammond Democratic-Republican 1802 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican hold.
Election was later contested and a new successor named, see above.

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