1806 United States House of Representatives election in Connecticut

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District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Connecticut at-large
7 seats on a general ticket
Benjamin Tallmadge Federalist 1801 (Special) Incumbent re-elected. Benjamin Tallmadge (Federalist)[a]
Jonathan O. Moseley (Federalist)
Epaphroditus Champion (Federalist)
Timothy Pitkin (Federalist)
Lewis B. Sturges (Federalist)
John Davenport (Federalist)
Samuel W. Dana (Federalist)
Sylvanus Backus (Federalist)
Asa Bacon (Federalist)
John Caldwell (Federalist)
Sylvester Gilbert (Federalist)
Uriel Holmes (Federalist)
Ebenezer Huntington (Federalist)
Lyman Law (Federalist)
Samuel B. Sherwood (Federalist)
John Cotton Smith (Federalist)
Nathaniel Terry (Federalist)
Noah Webster (Federalist)
Jonathan O. Moseley Federalist 1804 Incumbent re-elected.
John Cotton Smith Federalist 1800 (Special) Incumbent resigned sometime in August 1806.
New member elected.
Federalist hold.
Timothy Pitkin Federalist 1805 (Special) Incumbent re-elected.
Lewis B. Sturges Federalist 1805 (Special) Incumbent re-elected.
John Davenport Federalist 1798 Incumbent re-elected.
Samuel W. Dana Federalist 1798 Incumbent re-elected.

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  1. ^ Numbers of votes missing or incomplete in source