1806 United States House of Representatives elections in South Carolina

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South Carolina elected its members October 13–14, 1806.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Carolina 1
"Charleston district"
Robert Marion Democratic-Republican 1804 Incumbent re-elected. Robert Marion (Democratic-Republican) 55.6%
William L. Smith (Federalist) 43.6%
South Carolina 2
"Beaufort and Edgefield district"
William Butler Sr. Democratic-Republican 1800 Incumbent re-elected. William Butler Sr. (Democratic-Republican) 73.6%
Richard B. Screven (Federalist) 26.2%
South Carolina 3
"Georgetown district"
David R. Williams Democratic-Republican 1804 Incumbent re-elected. David R. Williams (Democratic-Republican) 97.9%
South Carolina 4
"Orangeburgh district"
O'Brien Smith Democratic-Republican 1804 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican hold.
John Taylor (Democratic-Republican) 55.3%
Henry Dana Ward (Federalist) 30.0%
Miles B. Pinkney (Democratic-Republican) 14.3%
South Carolina 5
"Sumter district"
Richard Winn Democratic-Republican 1802 (special) Incumbent re-elected. Richard Winn (Democratic-Republican) 73.0%
Anthony Butler (Federalist) 27.0%
South Carolina 6
"Abbeville district"
Levi Casey Democratic-Republican 1803 Incumbent re-elected but died February 3, 1807, leading to a special election, see South Carolina's 6th congressional district special election, 1807. Levi Casey (Democratic-Republican) 50.1%
John A. Elmer (Federalist) 25.2%
Joseph Calhoun (Democratic-Republican) 24.7%
South Carolina 7
"Chester district"
Thomas Moore Democratic-Republican 1800 Incumbent re-elected. Thomas Moore (Democratic-Republican)
South Carolina 8
"Pendleton district"
John B. Earle Democratic-Republican 1803 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican hold.
Lemuel J. Alston (Democratic-Republican) 39.7%
William Hunter (Democratic-Republican) 30.3%
Elias Earle (Democratic-Republican) 30.0%

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