1808 United States House of Representatives elections in Maryland

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District Incumbent This race
Representative Party First elected Results Candidates
Maryland 1 John Campbell Federalist 1801 Incumbent re-elected. John Campbell (Federalist) 70.1%
James Fenwick (Democratic-Republican) 29.7%
Maryland 2 Archibald Van Horne Democratic-Republican 1806 Incumbent re-elected. Archibald Van Horne (Democratic-Republican) 60.0%
Henry A. Callis (Federalist) 40.0%
Maryland 3 Philip Barton Key Federalist 1806 Incumbent re-elected. Philip Barton Key (Federalist) 66.5%
John Wampler (Democratic-Republican) 33.5%
Maryland 4 Roger Nelson Democratic-Republican 1804 (Special) Incumbent re-elected. Roger Nelson (Democratic-Republican) 51.8%
Upton Bruce (Federalist) 48.2%
Maryland 5
Plural district with 2 seats
Nicholas R. Moore Democratic-Republican 1803 Incumbent re-elected. Nicholas R. Moore (Democratic-Republican) 44.8%
Alexander McKim (Democratic-Republican) 43.4%
William Winder (Federalist) 11.9%
William McCreery Democratic-Republican 1803 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican hold.
Maryland 6 John Montgomery Democratic-Republican 1806 Incumbent re-elected. John Montgomery (Democratic-Republican) 51.5%
William Spencer (Federalist) 32.9%
John Archer (Democratic-Republican) 15.6%
Maryland 7 Edward Lloyd Democratic-Republican 1806 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican hold.
John Brown (Democratic-Republican) 58.6%
Robert H. Goldsborough (Federalist) 41.4%
Maryland 8 Charles Goldsborough Federalist 1804 Incumbent re-elected. Charles Goldsborough (Federalist) 75.1%
Charles Nutter (Democratic-Republican) 24.9%

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