1816 in New Zealand

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1816 in New Zealand

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The following lists events that happened during 1816 in New Zealand.


Regal and viceregal[edit]


  • 22 January – Large numbers of Māori from North Cape, Whangaroa and Thames visit the mission at Rangihoua.[1]
  • February – Thomas and Elizabeth Hansen arrive at Oihi, Rangihoua from Port Jackson on the Active. They are the first non-missionary European family to settle in New Zealand. They eventually raised 11 children who all lived to at least their late 60s.[2]
  • March – Tui and Tītore, who arrived the previous year, leave Port Jackson (Sydney) for England in HMS Kangaroo. While there they may have helped Professor Samuel Lee start his Maori dictionary.[1]
  • 16 August – Thomas Kendall starts the first school in New Zealand, at Rangihoua. The opening roll is 33.[3][4]





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