1826 Chilean presidential election

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The Chilean presidential election of 1826 took place on July 8, 1826. The National Congress of Chile voted to elect the first President of the Republic of Chile.

The election was called after the resignation of General Ramón Freire from the post of supreme director on July 7, 1826. On the nights of the seventh and eighth, the Congress decided that the supreme chief of state would carry the title of President of the Republic, and that a vice president would be elected to replace him in case of illness, etc.

On July 8, the Congress elected as President of the Republic, Admiral Manuel Blanco Encalada, and as Vice President of Chile, Agustín Eyzaguirre.



Candidates Votes %
Manuel Blanco Encalada 22 59.45%
José Miguel Infante 15 40.54%
Total 37 100%

Vice presidency[edit]

Candidate Votes %
Agustín Eyzaguirre 20 57.14%
Francisco Antonio Pinto 15 42.85%
Total 35 100%