183 Istria

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183 Istria
183Istria (Lightcurve Inversion).png
A three-dimensional model of 183 Istria based on its light curve.
Discovered by J. Palisa
Discovery date February 8, 1878
Main belt
Orbital characteristics[1]
Aphelion 3.769 AU
Perihelion 1.824 AU
2.797 AU
Eccentricity 0.348
4.68 years
Inclination 26.41°
Physical characteristics
11.77 hours
Albedo 0.189
Spectral type

183 Istria is a stony main belt asteroid that was discovered by Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa on February 8, 1878,[2] from Pula, Croatia, and named after the Istrian peninsula, which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and is where the city of Pula is situated.


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