1841 English cricket season

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The 1841 English cricket season saw the official foundation of Nottinghamshire CCC although the club may already have been in existence since 1835.

First-class matches[edit]

1841 match list


Took place during March/April. Formal creation of Nottinghamshire CCC (the exact date has been lost) although, as noted above, an informal Notts CCC may have been set up in 1835.

Leading batsmen[edit]

Other leading batsmen were: CG Taylor, TA Anson, J Guy, A Mynn, EG Wenman, B Good, C Hawkins, FP Fenner

Leading bowlers[edit]

Alfred Mynn was the leading wicket-taker with 94

Other leading bowlers were: FW Lillywhite, WR Hillyer, J Cobbett, J Bayley, S Redgate


Annual reviews[edit]

  • Arthur Haygarth, Scores & Biographies, Volume 3 (1841-1848), Lillywhite, 1862

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