1844 New York state election

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New York gubernatorial election, 1844

← 1842 November 5, 1844 1846 →
  SilasWright.png Fillmore.jpg
Nominee Silas Wright Millard Fillmore
Party Democratic Whig
Running mate Addison Gardiner Samuel J. Wilkin
Popular vote 241,090 231,057
Percentage 49.5% 47.4%

Governor before election

William C. Bouck

Elected Governor

Silas Wright

The 1844 New York state elections was held on November 5, 1844, to elect the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and four Canal Commissioners, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and eight members of the New York State Senate.


The Act of May 6, 1844, which re-organized the Canal Department, required the Canal Commissioners to be elected by general ballot.


The Democrats won all six state offices.

1844 state election results
Office Democratic ticket Whig ticket Liberty ticket
Governor Silas Wright 241,090 Millard Fillmore 231,057 Alvan Stewart 15,136
Lieutenant Governor Addison Gardiner 240,844 Samuel J. Wilkin 231,048 Charles O. Shepard 15,386
Canal Commissioners Jonas Earll, Jr. Samuel Works
Nathaniel Jones Spencer Kellogg
Daniel P. Bissell Elijah Rhoades
Stephen Clark Joseph H. Jackson

67 Democrats, 45 Whigs and 16 American Republicans were elected to the Assembly session of 1845. 6 Democrats, 1 Whig and 1 American Republican were elected to the Senate. Thus the Senate of the 68th New York State Legislature consisted of 27 Democrats, 4 Whigs and 1 American Republican.


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