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the United States

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Events from the year 1846 in the United States. In this year, the United States declares war on Mexico, starting the Mexican–American War.


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  • Neil Burgess, comedian (died 1910)
  • John Denny, buffalo soldier and Medal of Honor recipient (died 1901)
  • Pugsey Hurley, British-born burglar, river pirate and underworld figure in New York City
  • Peter Remondino, Italian-born physician, author, first president of the San Diego Board of Health, and co-founder of San Diego’s first private hospital (died 1926)
  • Mary Foot Seymour, businesswoman and writer (died 1893)
  • Thomas Shaw, buffalo soldier and Medal of Honor recipient (died 1895)
  • Thomas Wakeman, founder of the first Sioux Indian YMCA (died 1886)
  • James E. Ware, architect, originator of the "dumbbell plan" for New York City tenements (died 1918)


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