1849 New York state election

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The 1849 New York state election was held on November 6, 1849, to elect the Secretary of State, the State Comptroller, the Attorney General, the State Treasurer, the State Engineer, a Judge of the New York Court of Appeals, a Canal Commissioner and an Inspector of State Prisons, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate.


After the split in 1847 and 1848 which had led to the loss of all state offices, Barnburners and Hunkers now combined again and nominated a Democratic ticket. The Hunker state convention met on September 6 in Syracuse and nominated Lott, Chatfield, Follett, Clark, Hiram Denio for the Court of Appeals, Jesse C. Dana for Secretary of State, Darius A. Ogden for Treasurer and John D. Fay for State Engineer, and offered the Barnburners to substitute the latter four. The Barnburner state convention met on September 12 in Utica and nominated Jewett, Randall, Welch and Campbell, to complete the joint ticket.


The whole cross-endorsed Anti-Rent ticket was elected again, this time four Whigs and four Democrats..[1] The incumbents Morgan, Washington Hunt, Alvah Hunt and Jewett were re-elected. The incumbent Beach was defeated. Three Hunkers and only one Barnburner were elected on the Democratic ticket.

17 Whigs and 15 Democrats were elected to a two-year term (1850–51) in the New York State Senate.

64 Democrats and 64 Whigs were declared elected to the New York State Assembly of the 73rd New York State Legislature.

1849 state election results
Office Whig ticket Democratic ticket Anti-Rent ticket
Secretary of State Christopher Morgan 203,875 Henry S. Randall 201,189 Christopher Morgan
Comptroller Washington Hunt 205,034 John A. Lott 199,134 Washington Hunt
Attorney General Samuel Stevens 199,779 Levi S. Chatfield 204,795 Levi S. Chatfield
Treasurer Alvah Hunt 204,317 Benjamin Welch, Jr. 199,134 Alvah Hunt
State Engineer Hezekiah C. Seymour 204,175 Alexander Campbell 201,027 Hezekiah C. Seymour
Judge of the Court of Appeals Joshua A. Spencer 196,680 Freeborn G. Jewett 200,988 Freeborn G. Jewett
Canal Commissioner Nelson J. Beach 201,633 Frederick Follett 202,959 Frederick Follett
Inspector of State Prisons Benjamin Squire 200,726 Darius Clark 204,635 Darius Clark


  1. ^ The number of votes is the total of Whig and Anti-Rent votes for Morgan, Washington Hunt, Alvah Hunt and Seymour, and the total of Democratic and Anti-Rent votes for Chatfield, Jewett, Follett and Clark.


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