1862 Chicago mayoral election

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1862 Chicago mayoral election
← 1861 April 15, 1862 1863 →
  Francis-sherman (1).jpg Charles C.P. Holden (cropped).jpg
Nominee Francis Cornwall Sherman Charles C. P. Holden
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 7,437 6,254
Percentage 54.32% 45.68%

Mayor before election

Julian Sidney Rumsey

Elected Mayor

Francis Cornwall Sherman

In the Chicago mayoral election of 1862 Democrat Francis Cornwall Sherman defeated Republican Party nominee Charles C. P. Holden.

Sherman had previously served as mayor two decades earlier, after winning the 1841 election. He had also been an unsuccessful candidate in the 1856 mayoral election.

Holden was a former alderman.[1]


The election was held on April 15, 1862.[2] It was the second of four Chicago mayoral elections which took place during the course of the American Civil War. It was also last regularly-scheduled Chicago mayoral election to a one-year term.

Sherman had been supported by a nonpartisan ticket which bore the slogan "for the Union and the Constitution".[1]

Due to the fact that his son was a noted brigadier in the Union Army, Sherman was able to comfortably avoid accusations that his own loyalties sided anywhere but with the Union.[1]


1862 Chicago mayoral election[3]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Francis Cornwall Sherman 7,437 54.32
Republican Charles C. P. Holden 6,254 45.68
Turnout 12,508


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