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The following lists events that happened during 1864 in New Zealand.


Regal and viceregal[edit]

Government and law[edit]

The 3rd Parliament continues.


  • 11 February: Major Charles Heaphy is recommended for the Victoria Cross. It was not awarded until 1867.[1]
  • 31 March – 2 April: Battle of Ōrākau[2]
  • 11 June: The Timaru Herald publishes its first issue.[3] The paper was initially weekly, but increased its frequency of publication to bi-weekly and then tri-weekly, and became a daily on 1 January 1878.[4] It continues today.
  • Australian magpie introduced to New Zealand[5]
  • Up to 6000 miners come to the Wakamarina Valley in Marlborough after gold is discovered. Canvastown is founded at the river mouth. About 25,000 ounces (710,000 g) of gold is recovered in 1864, but the surface gold is quickly exhausted.[6]
  • The Wairau Record starts publishing in Blenheim. The newspaper changed its name to The Marlborough News and General Advertiser in 1865 and then to just The Marlborough News. It folded in 1874.[7]
  • The Marlborough Times starts publishing in Blenheim. It folds after about six months.[7]
  • West Coast Gold Rush (1864)

Arts and literature[edit]


  • The Dunedin Choral Society is formed.[8]
  • The Lyster Opera Company makes its first tour to New Zealand[8] (possibly the first by a full opera company).



Gearge Parr's All-England Eleven plays at a cricket carnival in Dunedin against teams from Otago and Canterbury. They later play at Christchurch's Hagley Park. None of the matches qualified as first-class and the home sides were allowed to field up to 22 batsmen. Itinerary[9]

Horse racing[edit]

Major race winner[edit]

  • New Zealand Derby winner: Opera


Ballinger Belt: Lieutenant Morse (Nelson)





Unknown date[edit]

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