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The following lists events that happened during 1867 in New Zealand.


Regal and viceregal[edit]

Government and law[edit]

The 4th Parliament continues.

The number of seats in the House of Representatives is increased to 74 with the creation of four Māori seats, and male Māori are given the right to vote. The Legislative Council now has 36 seats.[1]

Main centre leaders[edit]


  • 5 February: Opening of New Zealand's third railway line: 27 km connecting Invercargill and Bluff.[2]
  • 20 May: Alexandra is proclaimed a borough.[3]
  • 3 June: The Evening Herald is founded in Wanganui.[4] Around the turn of the 20th century, it changed its name to The Wanganui Herald, and continued to publish until 1986.[5]
  • 11 September: The New Zealand Advertiser, first published in 1859, produces a final issue and is absorbed into the New Zealand Times. It is revived for six months in 1868.[6]



Horse racing[edit]

A Wellington Cup is held in Wellington. This is no relation to the annual race held from 1874. Racing had only recently been moved from the beaches to Hutt Park in Lower Hutt and Burnham Water in Miramar.[9]

Major race winners[edit]

  • New Zealand Cup winner: Magenta
  • New Zealand Derby winner: Scandal


The Star Boating Club is formed in Wellington.[10](other sources state 1867[9])


Ballinger Belt: Sergeant Chisholm (Otago)



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