1869 Cachar earthquake

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1869 Cachar earthquake
1869 Cachar earthquake is located in India
1869 Cachar earthquake
Local dateJanuary 10, 1869 (1869-01-10)
Magnitude7.4 Mw [1]
Epicenter25°30′N 93°00′E / 25.5°N 93.0°E / 25.5; 93.0Coordinates: 25°30′N 93°00′E / 25.5°N 93.0°E / 25.5; 93.0 [1]
Areas affectedIndia
Total damageSevere [2]
Max. intensityVII (Damaging) [3]
Casualties2 [2]

The 1869 Cachar earthquake occurred on 10 January with an estimated moment magnitude of 7.4 and a maximum EMS-98 intensity of VII (Damaging). Two people were killed and damage was considered severe. The earthquake was felt in Upper Burma, Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal and Northeast India. The cause is said to have been from a 20 mile long fissure below the Jaintia Hills, situated north of the Sylhet region.[4]

Selected EMS-98 intensities
Intensity Locations
VII (Damaging) Silchar, Imphal
VI (Slightly damaging) Golaghat, Sylhet
V (Strong) Dhaka
IV (Largely observed) Kolkata
III (Weak) Hazaribagh
II (Scarcely felt) Midnapore
Martin & Szeliga 2010

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