1870 in Canada

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Events from the year 1870 in Canada.



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Provincial governments[edit]

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Territorial governments[edit]

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Howard Ferguson
R. B. Bennett

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Historical Documents[edit]

Metis List of Rights calls for Rupert's Land and the Northwest to become the Province of Assiniboia[1]

President Louis Riel gives his first speech to the Red River provisional government[2]

Doubtful about Louis Riel, Prime Minister Macdonald begins assembling a military force[3]

MP praises liberal approach in creating Manitoba in House of Commons speech[4]

Red River resident objects to amnesty for Louis Riel and other leaders[5]

President Grant calls Canada unfriendly to U.S. fishers and shippers[6]

Call for a state-supported "Dominion University" in Canada[7]

McGill University's William Dawson on science education abroad and its application to Canada[8]

Reports of smallpox among Blackfoot, Cree and other nations[9]


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