1871 New York state election

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The 1871 New York state election was held on November 7, 1871, to elect the Secretary of State, the State Comptroller, the Attorney General, the State Treasurer, the State Engineer, a Canal Commissioner and an Inspector of State Prisons, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate.


The Democratic state convention met on October 4 at Rochester, New York, and re-nominated six of the seven incumbents. Only Diedrich Willers, Jr., was nominated for Secretary of State in place of Homer A. Nelson.


In the wake of the Tweed and Canal Ring scandals, the whole Republican ticket was elected.

The incumbents Nichols, Champlain, Bristol, Richmond, Chapman and McNeil were defeated.

97 Republicans, 25 Democrats and 6 Reform Democrats were elected for the session of 1872 to the New York State Assembly.[1]

1871 state election results
Office Republican ticket Democratic ticket
Secretary of State G. Hilton Scribner 387,119 Diedrich Willers, Jr. 368,212
Comptroller Nelson K. Hopkins 387,703 Asher P. Nichols 367,127
Attorney General Francis C. Barlow 387,072 Marshall B. Champlain 367,754
Treasurer Thomas Raines 388,360 Wheeler H. Bristol 366,576
State Engineer William B. Taylor Van Rensselaer Richmond
Canal Commissioner Alexander Barkley 387,936 George W. Chapman 366,499
Inspector of State Prisons Thomas Kirkpatrick 387,359 David B. McNeil 365,650


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