1874 in Brazil

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Events in the year 1874 in Brazil.



  • May 24 - Revolt of the Muckers: religious service was held in Ferrabraz, where Jacobina announced the end of the world and ordered the extermination of 16 enemy families
  • June 15 - Revolt of the Muckers: massacre of the Kassel family
  • June 25 - Revolt of the Muckers: 14 houses of the Muckers' enemies were burned and 10 people were killed, including children
  • June 28 - Revolt of the Muckers: police attack Muckers but are defeated
  • August 2 - Jacobina Mentz and most of her followers killed by police, who were helped by informant Carlos Luppa. End of the Revolt of the Muckers.
  • November - Quebra–Quilos revolt