1880 United States presidential election in West Virginia

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United States presidential election in West Virginia, 1880

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Turnout18.21% of the total population[1]
  WinfieldScottHancock.png JamesGarfield.png James Weaver - Brady-Handy (cropped).jpg
Nominee Winfield Scott Hancock James A. Garfield James B. Weaver
Party Democratic Republican Greenback
Home state Pennsylvania Ohio Iowa
Running mate William Hayden English Chester A. Arthur Barzillai J. Chambers
Electoral vote 5 0 0
Popular vote 57,390 46,243 9,008
Percentage 50.95% 41.05% 8.00%

President before election

Rutherford B. Hayes

Elected President

James Garfield

The 1880 United States presidential election in West Virginia took place on November 2, 1880, as part of the 1880 United States presidential election. West Virginia voters chose five representatives, or electors, to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.[2]

West Virginia was won by General Winfield Scott Hancock (DPennsylvania), running with former Representative William Hayden English, with 50.95% of the popular vote, against Representative James Garfield (R-Ohio), running with the 10th chairman of the New York State Republican Executive Committee Chester A. Arthur, with 41.05% of the vote and representative James B. Weaver (GIowa), running with Barzillai J. Chambers, a former Confederate, with 8.00% of the popular vote.[2]


United States presidential election in West Virginia, 1880[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Winfield Scott Hancock 57,390 50.95%
Republican James Garfield 46,243 41.05%
Greenback James B. Weaver 9,008 8.00%
Total votes 112,641 100.00%


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