1881 U.S. National Championships (tennis)

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1881 U.S. National Championships
First US Tennis Championships, Newport, Rhode Island, in 1881.jpg
DateAugust 31 – September 3 Rfj
VenueNewport Casino
United States Richard D. Sears
United States Clarence Clark / United States Fred Taylor
U.S. National Championships · 1882 →

The inaugural U.S. National Championship was a tennis tournament that took place in August 1881 at the Newport Casino, Newport, Rhode Island and in that first year only clubs that were members of the United States National Lawn Tennis Association were permitted to enter the tournament. A Men's Singles competition and a Men's Doubles competition were played, and Richard Sears became the first men's singles U.S. National Tennis Champion.



United States Richard Sears defeated United States William E. Glyn 6–0, 6–3, 6–2


United States Clarence Clark / United States Fred Taylor defeated United States Arthur Newbold / United States Alexander Van Rensselaer, 6-5, 6-4, 6-5

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