1885 North-West Territories election

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1885 North-West Territories election

15 September 1885 (1885-09-15) 1888 →
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11 members to the Council of the North-West Territories

The 1885 North-West Territories election was the first major election in the history of the territory. On 15 September 1885, 11 members were elected in separate elections or by acclamation. The elections saw members acclaimed and elected in various electoral districts to the 1st Council of the North-West Territories.

The elections were held to elect members to new districts, created to cope with rapid growth of settlers in the NWT at the time. These new districts were drawn in the wake of the North-West Rebellion of spring, 1885.

Elections were also held in established electoral districts to renew members terms at the end of 3 years as per North-West Territories law at the time.

The election was not considered a general election, since it did not involve every electoral district, and was not caused by the dissolution of the council.

The election was followed by the 1st North-West Territories general election three years later, in 1888 at the completion of the members' 3-year terms. The election was conducted without political parties.

Qu'Appelle and Regina each elected two members. In these districts, the election was held using Block Voting -- each voter could cast up to two votes.


Map of the provinces and territories of Canada as they were between 1881 and 1886.
Election summary # of candidates Popular vote
Incumbent New # %
Elected candidates 2 7 2,056 61.54%
Acclaimed candidates - 2 - -
Defeated candidates 1 8 1,285 38.46%
Total 20 3,341 100%

Members elected[edit]

[1] District Name
  Broadview Charles Marshallsay
  Edmonton Herbert Charles Wilson
  Lorne Owen Edward Hughes
  Macleod Richard Henry Boyle
  Moose Jaw James Hamilton Ross
  Moosomin Spencer Bedford
  Qu'Appelle Thomas Wesley Jackson
  William Dell Perley
  Regina David Jelly
  John Secord
  St. Albert Samuel Cunningham

Calgary and Moose Mountain did not participate in the 1885 election having elected members to a three-year term in 1884. Moosomin and St. Albert electoral districts were won by acclamation.


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