1889 Serbian parliamentary election

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1889 Serbian parliamentary election

← Nov 1888 26 September 1889 Mar 1893 →

117 seats in the National Assembly
59 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  NikolaPasic--serbiaherpeopleh00petruoft.png Jovan Ristić.jpg
Leader Nikola Pašić Jovan Ristić
Party NRS Liberal Party
Leader since 1882 1881
Seats won
102 / 117
15 / 132
Popular vote 158,635 21,874
Percentage 87.88% 12.12%

PM before election

Sava Grujić

Elected PM

Sava Grujić

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Parliamentary elections were held in Serbia on 26 September 1889.[1] The result was a victory for the People's Radical Party, which won 102 of the 117 seats in the National Assembly.[2]


The elections were originally planned for November,[3] but was later rescheduled for September.[4] After King Milan abdicated in February 1889, it was thought that fresh elections would be held shortly afterwards,[5] but it was decided by the regents later in March that there would be no early election on the basis that Crown Prince Alexander was a minor and could not be required to take the Constitutional Oath before the National Assembly, and as the Regents had taken their oath in the presence of King Milan, the National Assembly was not required.[6] This was in violation of the constitution, which required the regents to immediately call an election.[6]

The Progressive Party chose not to contest the election.[7]


Party Votes % Seats
People's Radical Party 158,635 87.88 102
Liberal Party 21,874 12.12 15
Total 180,509 100 117
Registered voters/turnout 254,000 71.07
Source: The Times[2]


The newly elected Assembly met for the first time on 13 October.[8]


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