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Events from the year 1889 in Ireland.


Arts and literature[edit]




  • International
2 March England 6 — 0 Ireland (in Liverpool)[6]
9 March Scotland 7 — 0 Ireland (in Glasgow)[6]
27 April Ireland 1 — 3 Wales (in Belfast)[6]
Winners: Distillery 5 — 4 YMCA

Gaelic Games[edit]

  • The first GAA Armagh Championship is held.
  • The hierarchy of the Catholic Church, including Archbishop Logue, condemn the GAA for its violence and demoralising influences as well as charging the association as a recruiting ground of radical nationalist organizations.
  • 24 March — The first Cavan Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) convention is held in Armagh.
  • 8 September — The Cavan Gaelic Athletic Association holds a football game between Killinkere and Crosserlough. The game is reported by the The Anglo-Celt as "..More like a contest between 42 dangerous and ferocious wire haired lunatics than any competition."



January to June[edit]

July to December[edit]

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Full date unknown[edit]


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