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Works of poetry involved in the "Bulletin Debate" series of poems in The Bulletin magazine about the true nature of life in the Australian bush[2]
Publication Date Author Title
9 July 1892 Henry Lawson Borderland (retitled Up The Country)
23 July 1892 Banjo Paterson In Defence of the Bush
30 July 1892 Edward Dyson The Fact of the Matter
6 August 1892 Henry Lawson In Answer to "Banjo", and Otherwise (retitled: The City Bushman)
20 August 1892 H.H.C.C.[3] The Overflow of Clancy
27 August 1892 Francis Kenna Banjo, of the Overflow
1 October 1892 Banjo Paterson In Answer to Various Bards (retitled An Answer to Various Bards)
8 October 1892 Henry Lawson The Poets of the Tomb
20 October 1894 Banjo Paterson A Voice from the Town

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