1893: A World's Fair Mystery

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1893: A World's Fair Mystery
1893 A World's Fair Mystery.jpg
Developer(s)Peter Nepstad
Publisher(s)The Illuminated Lantern
Designer(s)Peter Nepstad
ReleaseApril 24, 2003[1]
Genre(s)Interactive fiction

1893: A World's Fair Mystery is an educational work of interactive fiction by American author Peter Nepstad, written in the TADS programming language. It takes place during the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. The exposition is recreated in detail, with archival photographs from the fair and in-depth descriptions detailing each of the few hundred locations.

An early text-only version won the 2002 XYZZY Award for Best Setting, and 1893 was declared runner-up for Games' Best RPG/Adventure 2004.[2]


During the 1893 World's Colombian Exposition, eight diamonds have been stolen from the exhibition pavilion of the fictional Kimberly Diamond Mining Company. The player assumes the role of a detective who investigates the case. The theft soon develops into a kidnapping case, and the player even has to investigate a murder.


Specialist magazine Adventure Gamers pointed out that among all game genres only adventures enabled the player to retrospectively participate in historic events. Editor Evan Dickens praised an entertaining and well-written narrative and an authentic reconstruction of the exposition, but criticized that the open world game world that is accessible to the player from the beginning on might overexcert inexperienced players. As a whole Dickens rated 1893 as "one of the most phantastic adventure games" he had ever played.[3]


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