1894 Brazilian general election

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  Prudentedemorais.jpg Afonso Pena.jpg
Candidate Prudente de Morais Afonso Pena
Popular vote 276,583 38,291
Percentage 80.1% 11.1%

President before election

Floriano Peixoto

Elected President

Prudente de Morais

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General elections were held in Brazil on 1 March 1894.[1] The presidential election was won by Prudente de Morais of the Republican Party of São Paulo, who received 80.1% of the vote.[2]


Candidate Party Votes %
Prudente de Morais Republican Party of São Paulo 276,583 80.1
Afonso Pena Mineiro Republican Party 38,291 11.1
Cesário Alvim Mineiro Republican Party 3,719 1.1
Rui Barbosa Baiano Republican Party 3,718 1.1
José Luiz de Almeida Couto 3,437 1.0
Lauro Sodré Republican Party of Pará 1,983 0.6
Write in 17,366 5.0
Invalid/blank votes
Total 345,097 100
Source: Nohlen


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