1895 Chicago mayoral election

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1895 Chicago mayoral election
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  George Bell Swift, Mayor of Chicago (1).jpg Frank Wenter Chicago Examiner 1905.png
Nominee George Bell Swift Frank Wenter
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 143,884 103,125
Percentage 55.36% 39.68%

Mayor before election

John Patrick Hopkins

Elected Mayor

George Bell Swift

In the Chicago mayoral election of 1895 Republican George Bell Swift was elected, winning a majority of the vote and defeating Democratic nominee Frank Wenter by more than a twenty point margin.

Swift had previously served as acting mayor of Chicago in 1893, following the assassination of Carter Harrison Sr.

Incumbent mayor Hopkins did not seek reelection.[2]


During the campaign, speeches held by Democratic candidate Wenter attracted large and enthusiastic crowds.[3]

Also running was Bayard Taylor Holmes, an advocate for improved medical education and public health.[4]


1895 Chicago mayoral election[5][6]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican George Bell Swift 143,884 55.36
Democratic Frank Wenter 103,125 39.68
People's (Populist) Bayard Holmes 12,882 4.96
Turnout 259,891

Swift received 37.11% of the Polish-American vote, while Wenter received 57.96%.[7]


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