1895 Edmonton municipal election

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The 1895 municipal election was held January 14, 1895 to elect the town council (consisting of a mayor and six aldermen, each elected for a one-year term) and four trustees for each of the public and separate school divisions. This was the first election in Edmonton history in which there was a contested race for mayor, and also the first during which school trustee elections were held concurrently with those for town council.

Voter turnout[edit]

Voter turnout figures for the 1895 municipal election are no longer available.


(bold indicates elected, italics indicate incumbent)


Candidate Votes %
Herbert Charles Wilson 129 58.64%
John Alexander McDougall 91 41.36%


Candidate Votes
William S. Edmiston 175
John Kelly 120
Colin Strang 119
John Cameron 114
Thomas Bellamy 111
Joseph Henri Picard 110
Charles Sutter 108
George Hutton 105
A. D. Osborne 68

Public school trustees[edit]

Candidate Votes
Matthew McCauley 103
John Cameron 99
Thomas Bellamy 93
James Lauder 87
George Sanderson 82
John Alexander McDougall 79
Henry Goodridge 73

St. Joachim Separate School District[edit]

Candidate Votes
N. D. Beck Acclaimed
J. G. Fairbanks Acclaimed
John Kelly Acclaimed
Sandy Larue Acclaimed


City of Edmonton: Edmonton Elections