1895 World Championship (football)

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1895 World Championship
EventFootball World Championship
Date27 April 1895
VenueTynecastle Park, Edinburgh
RefereeMr Dickson (Scotland)

The 1895 World Championship was a football match that took place at Tynecastle Park on 27 April 1895 between the winner of the English Football League First Division, Sunderland, and Scottish League First Division, Heart of Midlothian.[1][2] The match was won by Sunderland who beat Heart of Midlothian 5–3.[1]

The game was not the first "World Championship" game between English and Scottish sides; however, it was the first such club competition won by an English team, with previous winners being Hibernian and Renton (both Scottish Cup winners, as the leagues had not been yet created at the time). The Scottish and English leagues were pre-eminent in the world at that time, with the only league outside the UK being in Argentina.[2]

This was the only international competition Sunderland won. They subsequently participated in the British League Cup and the Empire Exhibition Trophy but exited early in those competitions.

Participant teams[edit]

Team Qualification
England Sunderland 1894–95 Football League First Division champions
Scotland Heart of Midlothian 1894–95 Scottish Division One champions

Match details[edit]

1 Scotland Jock Fairburn
2 Scotland Barney Battles
3 Scotland James Mirk
4 Scotland Alexander Hall
5 Scotland Robert McLaren
6 Scotland George Hogg
7 Scotland Willie Taylor
8 Scotland Thomas Chambers
9 Scotland Willie Michael
10 Scotland George Scott
11 Scotland Davie Baird
1 Scotland Ned Doig
2 Scotland Robert McNeill
3 Scotland Donald Gow
4 Scotland Billy Dunlop
5 Scotland John Auld
6 Scotland Harry Johnston
7 Scotland Jimmy Hannah
8 Scotland James Gillespie
9 Scotland John Harvey
10 Scotland John Campbell
11 Scotland Jimmy Millar


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