1902 Andijan earthquake

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1902 Andijan earthquake
1902 Andijan earthquake is located in Uzbekistan
1902 Andijan earthquake
UTC time1902-12-16 05:07
ISC eventn/a
Local dateDecember 16, 1902 (1902-12-16)
Local time11:07
Magnitude6.4 Ms [1]
Depth9 km (5.6 mi)
Epicenter40°48′N 72°18′E / 40.8°N 72.3°E / 40.8; 72.3Coordinates: 40°48′N 72°18′E / 40.8°N 72.3°E / 40.8; 72.3
Areas affectedAndijan Province, Uzbekistan
Max. intensityIX (Violent)

The 1902 Andijan earthquake occurred on December 16 with a surface wave magnitude of 6.4 and a maximum perceived Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent). The shock claimed between 700 and 4,880 casualties and more than 40,000 homes were destroyed in the Andijan Region of Uzbekistan.

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