1902 in Australia

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1902 in Australia
Monarchy Edward VII
Governor-General John Hope, 7th Earl of Hopetoun
Prime minister Edmund Barton
Population 3,845,265
Elections South Australia, Victoria, Queensland


State premiers[edit]

State governors[edit]


  • 7 February – The Waterside Workers Federation is formed.
  • April – Averaged over Australia, the driest month on record with only 3.74 millimetres (0.15 in).[1] Over half the continent was absolutely rainless and less than 3 percent outside Tasmania had more than 10 millimetres (0.39 in).[2]
  • 31 May – The Second Boer War, in which Australia is involved, ends.
  • 12 June – The Commonwealth Franchise Act granted most Australian women the right to vote and stand in federal elections.
  • 31 July – A coal gas explosion kills 96 in the Mount Kembla mining disaster
  • 1 August – New Idea magazine is first published.
  • 3 November – Postmaster-General James Drake opens a submarine telegraph cable from Southport, Queensland to Vancouver, Canada, completing a British Empire communications line.
  • 18 December – The mayors of Sydney and Melbourne are conferred the title of Lord Mayor
  • 26 December – Brisbane is declared a city.
  • 26 December – Ada Evans becomes the first female law graduate in Australia.
  • As a culminating to the Federation Drought, this was by raw totals the driest calendar year averaged over Australia since 1890 with only 314.46 millimetres (12.38 in)[3] (though by area-averaged mean decile it was only tenth driest).

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