1904 German football championship

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1904 German championship final
Replica of the Viktoria trophy
Event German football championship
Match not played
Date 29 May 1904
Venue , Kassel[1]

The 1904 German football championship was the second competition to determine the national champion of Germany.

The competition was not fully played, however, as the German Football Association (DFB) aborted it due to a protest by Karlsruher FV. Karlsruhe had protested the fact that matches had not been played on neutral ground as was stipultated by the rules. The DFB had already ignored this rule for financial reasons in the previous year, but this time Karlsruhe argued that some of their players could not travel to the match in Berlin and this had caused Karlsruhe's defeat. As a result, the championship was annulled.[2]

As in the previous season, all champions of local and regional associations were allowed to enter the competition, but clubs from outside Germany were excluded. Eight clubs eventually entered the competition, two more than in the year before.





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