1904 Western Australian state election

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Western Australian state election, 1904

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All 50 seats in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly
  First party Second party
  Walter James HOFWA.jpg Robert Hastie.png
Leader Walter James Robert Hastie
Party Ministerialist Labour
Leader since 1 July 1902 10 May 1901
Leader's seat East Perth Kanowna
Last election 19 seats 6 seats
Seats won 18 seats 22 seats
Seat change Decrease1 Increase16
Percentage 36.69% 42.57%
Swing Increase16.46 Increase16.70

Premier before election

Walter James

Elected Premier

Walter James

Elections were held in the Australian state of Western Australia on 28 June 1904 to elect 50 members to the state's Legislative Assembly.

The election resulted in a hung parliament. The Labour Party, led by Robert Hastie, won 22 seats, while the governing Ministerialists won 18 seats, and independents won 12 seats. Walter James, who had been premier since July 1902, initially continued on in the role after the election. The Labour Party elected a new leader, Henry Daglish, on 8 July.[1] Daglish successfully moved a motion of no confidence on 2 August, and after James's resignation became premier on 10 August. He was Western Australia's first premier from the Labour Party.


Western Australian state election, 1904[2]
Legislative Assembly

Enrolled voters 163,826[1]
Votes cast 66,054 Turnout 48.28%
Informal votes 731 Informal 1.09%
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary votes % Swing Seats Change
  Labour 28,122 42.57% +16.70 22 +16
  Ministerial 24,234 36.69% +16.46 18 –1
  Independent 12,810 19.39% +5.99 10 +5
  Independent Labour 888 1.34% +1.34 0 ±0
Total 66,054     50  

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1 The total number of enrolled voters was 163,826, of whom 25,511 were registered in ten uncontested seats. Five of the uncontested seats were won by Labour, three by Ministerialists, and two by independents.